12 French Gods Character Design and Background Painting
12 French gods who live inside the Eiffel Tower, designed to represent their different powers. This matte painting was panned through to create a segment in chapter one.

final matte painting animated by Awesome Inc. in chapter one of Gemusetto Machu Picchu

Mama Cocha Character Design
Iterative designs to create Mama Cocha, an Incan deity of water.
Llama Title Cards
Two llama title cards hand drawn and animated by me, used in chapter two.
Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear Drawing
drawing of the bear used in a title card in chapter two.

background and frame drawn and animated by Maxime Simonet

Lightning Title Card
entirely made in After Effects
Voice Acting
Voice overs I did for the red fish in chapter 2.05 and the character "Sabrina" in chapter three.


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