Julien Baker - "Faith Healer" 2020

lyric videos for each song on the album in this style too

text animation for Perfume Genius - "On The Floor" 2020

animated cover art and lyrics for "Alaska" by Pinegrove, 2021

lyric video for "Valentine" by Snail Mail - 2021

animations also used in stage backdrop on "The Late Show with Steven Colbert" https://youtu.be/3GozNefOpZA

lyric video animated over provided footage for "Taliat" by Mdou Moctar, 2021

animated the single artwork by Atticus Torre for Spencer.'s "Hold It Down" 2020

animated the single artwork by Sylvie Cohen for Jazz Ingram's "2AM" 2020

lyrics and movement for Marti's "Lust" 2020


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